Why We're Different

A small firm that's focused on personalized service

At Hirschberg Law, our service philosophy and the unique background of our team are what set us apart from other law firms. We offer you the same things large law firms can offer you, but we deliver them with an emphasis on promptness, reliability, personalization, and teamwork that you won’t find elsewhere.

Beyond our service-focused philosophy, we bring a unique set of background and credentials to the table to help you with your legal needs. Attorney Hirschberg's background as both a mechanical engineer and a securities trader provides him with beneficial insight and business skills that can only come from such a unique background.

We're here to help you find solutions, not to tell you what won't work 

Innovative, Reliable, Practical & Predictable Legal Solutions

We're always focused on practical, effective solutions to our clients' business and personal legal needs. Using an innovative and results-oriented approach we provide our clients the solutions they need to keep doing business and making money, instead of telling them what won't work or what we can't do for them.

We also understand the need for predictability in our clients' budgets, especially those of our business clients who need to meet budgetary timing requirements. The size of our firm allows us to be nimble, and provide optimal billing practices to accommodate each client's budgetary needs, while still providing prompt and effective legal assistance necessary for day-to-day business dealings.

Personal, Attentive Client Service

As one of the few sole-practitioner law firms in Oshkosh, the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin, we promise our clients that they’ll be working and interacting with the same knowledgeable and accessible team for all of their legal needs. Our clients will know who is responsible for their work, and you can call them directly with any questions. The accessibility and stability of our team, coupled with our friendly, relaxed approach, allow us to seamlessly work as a part of our clients' teams, to take the stress our of their legal matters.